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Welcome to our gallery.
Our goal is to capture and show the beauty of our world in all its aspects. Therefore, our portfolio includes landscapes, plants, flower macros, wild mammals and birds such as the beautiful hummingbirds and the fantastic quetzals from Central America and insects as well as portraits of people from different countries that we visit on our travels. Focusing on the essentials - true to our motto "Less is More" - leads to a multitude of beautiful minimalist images. Water and its many facets, such as abstract reflections on the surface, powerful waves and spray of our oceans, rivers and waterfalls, tiny dew drops and bizarre forms of ice, is one of our favorite designs. With the colorful and mysterious world of lichens and bizarre rock formations in the northern latitudes nature has given us wonderful abstract paintings that are great as a wall decoration. Old machinery and equipment and vintage cars have their own fascination. Architecture - old and modern - also have their place in this portfolio.
Have fun while browsing our picture gallery.
Helga and Heiko

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Kuna Design - Mola


Kuna Mola Art


Traditional Mola Design


Splash Color Floating Autumnal Leaves


Green Water Lily Leaf Splash Color


Red Currant Fruit Splash Color


Candies and Lollipops


Tulips petals


Stone Pyramid in Balance


Spanish White Dog


Bridge of Millau


Andalusian Farmland Series-4


The Little White House in the Fields


Oak Trees on Grazingland


Almond Blossom in Andalusia


Grazing Land in Andalusia-1


Freshly Ploughed Field


Andalusian Farmland Series-1


Andalusian Farmland


Ornamental Thistle Flower


Line Between Two Acres


The Thistle


La Mancha Landscape - Spain Series-seis


La Mancha Landscape - Spain Series-cinco


La Mancha Landscape - Spain Series-quatro